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ahundredacrewoods : Hey! c: I'm Carla, how are you?

Okay for some reason it glitches and I sent you an ask, but whatever I’m Casey and I’m alright, rough day ..

and I meant to make this private, damnit I suck at life I’m sorry

I want someone to talk to. I feel so alone.

i have a boy. and its all very good. but i don’t like to write about it here, because i know some of you and some of you know me and you’ll probably judge and i wish i didn’t care but i kind of do.

i think i know where i’m going to college: usf not committed but most likely will be soon.

senior year is almost over like everything is going by so fast and i feel like the year is going to be over so soon and i’m so nervous but excited all at the same time! i just don’t know if i’m ready for the year to end yet, i just want to enjoy all the time i have left.

i went to coachella and i know everyone says it was the best weekend of their life, but it actually was, i have never had more fun in my life or been more happier than i was this past weekend.  i want to go back so bad and be happy and carefree again! hopefully next year 

First college denial I actually care about. I was almost positive I was going to get in too. I’m feeling real stupid. Didn’t think it would feel this shitty. One less school to choose from I guess…

What a wonderful night


The excitement is ridiculous!!!!!


The excitement is ridiculous!!!!!

Honey & I (by Casey Nicole)

Back and hopefully to stay! :)

Honey & I (by Casey Nicole)Back and hopefully to stay! :)

ive never ever realized the power of the word love until now. the problem is when the feeling isnt mutual. i feel so shitty. goodnight.

guys guys guys its been so long. so much has happened! i kinda  have a boy in my life and i just turned 18 and life is very good with only a little bad :)

i just want to art. ya know