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sometimes things don’t happen the way you want them to, but you know what, maybe it’s better this way anyways

Love my new home more than words

Love my new home more than words

i love it here, i honestly can’t say that enough 

t minus two days, shits feeling real

ohohoh and I’m going to see arcade fire for the second time and I’m hella excited! (gotta start saying hella, prepare for san fran next year ha)

i can’t wait though, it is going to be the absolute perfect way to end my summer :)

i lost 7 pounds, and i didn’t realize it but thats kinda a lot, it was sorta accidental so i feel a little guilty, but i look goooooooodddddddd

Amurica day (by Casey Nicole)

I forgot the red and blue, but thought the flag would suffice. I love wearing this hat with my new short hair.

Amurica day (by Casey Nicole)I forgot the red and blue, but thought the flag would suffice.  I love wearing this hat with my new short hair.
Look my hairs gone
I can’t fucking fall asleep and I feel nauseous. This keeps happening and I don’t like it.

i graduated an it still feels so surreal.  i honestly love my high school, and the past four years there were so fantastic.  it is going to be weird not being there everyday and seeing those familiar faces, and i’m truly going to miss that.  it scares me that some of those faces i may never see again.  some of you I barely knew, but just seeing your face brightened my day.  it’s a scary, excited, nerve racking feeling, and my emotions are everywhere. i can’t wait to see where my future takes me but it’s also hard to let go of the past.  there have already been tears shed and i’m sure there will be more.  throughout all of this i’m forgetting that it is summer and i better enjoy that while it lasts!

today it hit me, I graduate next friday, all of this is coming to an end, I didn’t realize it but I’m scared as fuck.  

I love my high school so much and all the people in it, even if they suck half the time, I don’t want to lose them and not be able to see there beautiful faces everyday.

Anonymous : how did he ask you??

we went to go get boba but instead of driving to boba he drove to glider point in la jolla which is this really pretty place by the beach and he had two bobas in the back and on the lid one said PR and the other OM and he held em up, sorta confusing but it was cute and i liked it :)